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Abaco Private Island, Abaco, Bonefish Cay Open

Listing Number - D-9V65XB
Listing Agent: Charles Frith
Phone: 242-439 5810
Status: ACTIVE
Subdivision: Private Island
Sq. Ft: 566280
Lot Size: 13 acres

Bonefish Cay Private Island in the Abacos

This unique 13-acre private Bahamian Island is located in the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas and takes its name from its interesting shape and the amount of bonefish in this region. Over the past 7 years this formerly deserted island was turned into a first-class getaway with white sand beaches. Five buildings totaling 15,000 square feet were constructed of the finest materials imported from Europe and the United States. Two luxury owner's suites and six additional suites can accommodate up to 16 people. The entire complex is hurricane-proof. The perfect getaway in the Bahamas is fully air-conditioned, and Bone Fish Cay generates its own electricity and has its own desalination plant. All communication services (telephone, fax, and internet) are provided. A newly and very solidly built jetty and several boats are included with the island.
Bonefish Cay has two long white sand beaches and paths over the island. There are many shells and native plants, so the scenery makes for a lovely stroll. Take a swim at low tide around the island's own coral reef and see the multitude of coral and fish. Or you can paddle out in ocean-going kayaks and see dolphins. The area around Bonefish Cay is famous as a fisherman's paradise.
There are many (high) trees and very dense vegetation on this 13.5 acre island as well as large areas of grassland. Approximately two thirds of this island is a natural bird sanctuary. Many birds live in this "untouched" part of Bonefish Cay, from honeybee birds to pelicans. A discovery trail goes all around the perfect getaway … for nature lovers!
The south beach is the "lounge chair" beach. The west and north white sand beaches are also spectacular. From the north side of the island to the coral barrier there are several square miles of unspoiled coral reef and sea (max 15 ft. deep), which is the absolute paradise for snorkeling and diving in crystal clear water. The big fish are right behind the barrier. You can take the kayaks and meet the very present dolphins in the Gulf of Abaco.
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